Red Pi Club Workshop

Each jam has a different line up of workshops and talks at their events. We are proud to announce that the Red Pi Club will be packing their Pi’s from Pakistan to the UK, most importantly York Pi Jam.

Red Pi Club will be coming from Pakistan to run a workshop for the attendees of York Pi Jam on Saturday 24th March 2018.

This is the team from Red Pi Club running a session.

They are bunch of creatives who are passionate about education. They have worked professionally in different companies for few years, moving on with open sources technologies drove them hungry to share their knowledge with young students and help them learn the best of what’s being taught around the world.

Ever sunday they run a creative hour, depending on their batch they take them through different levels of coding, game design, development, 3d animation and robotics. they also run full modules, spanning over couple of weeks in schools where students get hands on learning experience and are challenged to create final projects.

They teach the core principles of the subjects, provide students with the important raw information and depending on the module they make groups or individuals are assigned to complete the module by showcasing their final project.

You can check out their twitter page or their website.

It is currently not confirmed that they will be attending in person due to Visas which they will have to apply for. If they can not come to the UK they will run a workshop through Skype which will be a first for everyone at York Pi Jam.

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