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If there is one thing that IT teachers would love to go to is a Picademy session. They teach you new skills and at the end you become a certified educator. Picademy also seems to set the ball rolling for some really cool projects. Julie Janzen tweeted about her project called Shutter Pi and she made sure to have a photo with her dog, cute!

She sadly didn’t post a build blog but there is a previous blog post that is again a photo booth, on the Raspberry Pi blog.

You can also view the tutorial on how to build it here.

If you do manage to create your own, make sure to share it with us.

Twitter: @yorkpijam



Or the contact us page.

And if your available on the 24th March 2018 and if you are near York contact me: and we would love you to bring it in as a show and tell project 🙂 .





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