Virtual Pi Jam – Key Dates

Hi everyone,

It’s the Virtual Pi Jam Team here. We are going to give you some quick key dates for our Virtual Pi Jam.

  • 18/12/18 – 24/12/18 We are judging your entries, we have over 200 so please give us the whole week.
  • 26/12/18 All winners will of been notified by now. Also the winners will get notified of the new theme and the prizes etc.
  • 28/12/17 The theme and prizes are announced to the public and groups and schools can register.
  • 22/01/18 – 28/12/18 Virtual Pi Jam #January

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at:

Or contact us.

Have a very festive Christmas,

The Virtual Pi Jam Team

Our Virtual Pi Jam’s are proudly sponsored by ModMyPi

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