New Jam HAT Case!

Got a Raspberry Pi 4 but still want to protect your Pi and Jam HAT? That isn't a problem with our new case. We've teamed up with The Pi Hut to produce our brand new Jam HAT Case for the Raspberry Pi Model 4, so no matter what model you have, your Pi is safe! Also the new case has had an amazing makeover, and is cheaper than the case for the other model!

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The Jam HAT and Jam HAT Case are available from The Pi Hut. The Pi Hut is an online shop that sells a whole range of Raspberry Pi products and much more, so you can pick up everything you need for a project!

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Look at our blog, visit our articles or get in touch for project ideas.
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Either way, get creative and have fun!

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Raspberry Pi Model 4 – Jam HAT Case

We've given our previous JAM HAT case a full upgrade and makeover for the Ra £9.00 Buy via The Pi Hut

Raspberry Pi Model 2 & 3 – Jam HAT Case

We're pleased to announce the release of ModMyPi's JAM HAT Case! Specially manuf £10.00 Buy via The Pi Hut
Check out our section of
for how to set up your Jam HAT!
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