18th July 2019

We are super excited to welcome you back to YorkPi.tech! You may be asking why we are saying ‘welcome back’. Well here is why!

Back in 2018, we purchased the domain YorkPi.tech for our York Pi Jam events. In the summer of 2019, it was sadly time to wave farewell to our domain as we moved across to yorkpijam.com. In Autumn time we released our Jam HAT under the name YorkPi.tech, of which we use for our add on board etc. And finally, on the 18/07/2019, we repurchased the domain YorkPi.tech and we welcome back everyone.

Our new website, allows you to browse our HAT and case, of which we hope to expand on, and they link directly to The Pi Hut. We will also house our documentation and tutorials on here in the near future and of cause we will have our blog.

Another update we would also like to make you aware of is the fact we have a new supplier/distributor. ModMyPi, the company which helped us create the Jam HAT and case has been acquired by The Pi Hut. Therefore all orders etc are now fulfilled by The Pi Hut, and the prices haven’t changed!

See you next time, right here on the YorkPi.tech blog!


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