23rd July 2019

For anyone who doesn’t know, our website domain yorkpi.tech has a bit of history.

Back in 2017, we purchased yorkpi.tech for our events called York Pi Jam. We purchased the domain for 1 year and it housed all of our event information for our first event, which was on the 24th of March 2018. In the summer of 2018, our website domain needed renewing. Sadly, the price of renewing this was out of our reach being a not-for-profit event. Thankfully, the amazing team at Bytemark stepped in and helped us move to our new domain yorkpijam.com. At this moment we sadly had to say goodbye to yorkpi.tech, and as far as we were aware then, we would never use it again. Around Autumn/Winter time in 2018, we worked with ModMyPi to create the Jam HAT and form YorkPi.tech. And here we are, in July 2019. We have repurchased the domain yorkpi.tech and it’s looking even better than we could of imagined!

We are also excited about our new product ideas, but they are secret! *hush*

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